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language codelabeldescriptionaliasesedit
enConvention(usually annual) instance of a organized gathering of furriesfurcon | furry conedit
PREFIX wfd: <>
PREFIX wfdt: <>
PREFIX wfp: <>
PREFIX wfps: <>
PREFIX wfpq: <>

PREFIX xsd: <> 
PREFIX geo: <>

/* validates with CORS Everywhere extension enabled with whitelist: /^https?\// 
   using ShEx2 Validator:[]&textMapIsSparqlQuery&schemaURL=//

* query for all instances of ConFuzzled:
PREFIX wfd: <>
PREFIX wfdt: <>
SELECT ?eventInstance { ?eventSeries wfdt:P2 wfd:Q2. ?eventInstance wfdt:P1 ?eventSeries.}

* alt direct query map: wfd:Q4@START
* selects:

start = @<Convention>

<Convention> EXTRA wfdt:P1 {
  # instance of
  wfdt:P1 @<ConventionSeries> ;

  # start time
  wfdt:P6 xsd:dateTime +;

  # attendance
  wfdt:P5 xsd:decimal ?;

  # official website
  wfdt:P4 IRI ?;

  # coordinate location
  wfdt:P3 geo:wktLiteral ?;

<ConventionSeries> EXTRA wfdt:P2 {
  # subclass of furry convention
  wfdt:P2 [wfd:Q2] ;